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My 2021 3D Art Demo Reel

In 2021 I focused on expanding my artistic range which included trying out 3D design and animation. During this time I took a one year diploma program in 3D Animation to help hone my skills and guide my study. I gained valuable knowledge on how the animation pipe line works and which roles are best suited for me in this field. If I were to continue in this field as a career I would like to focus on character design and animation as I find bringing characters into a 3D environment to be an incredibly rewarding process.


Lego Game Grumps

This was an animation I created completely on my own, all models and textures are created by myself.

Childish Fear - Team Project

I worked with a group to create this animation, some of my roles included: delegating tasks to team members, concept art, set dressing, texture art, and animation.

Other Works


This was the first character design I made with the intend to turn it into a 3D model. This project challenged me to use all the technical skills I've learned as an artist to merge my 2D and 3D abilities. I believe Maddox turned out amazing, this project helped me to better understand the character modeling pipeline.

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