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Gina Byers · SleepiBats

2D and 3D Digital Artist

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Gina Byers

Concept Art and 3D Modeling Portfolios


Hi! I’m Gina Byers, also known online as SleepiBats! I’ve always been passionate about art, and I’ve been lucky enough to turn my passion into my profession. I focus on all things digital art but specialize in concept art and 3D modeling. I love connecting with people and I always enjoys learning new skills, I work hard to keep improving by valuing every success and failure.

Selling Products and Commissions

I've always been interested in finding new ways to turn my art into physical items, I've found a variety of ways to Bring my art to life such as acrylic charms and stickers! I have my own personal Etsy shop where I sell the products I've created, I pride myself in providing high quality products at affordable prices.

Acrylic Charms

Professional Projects and Resources

I am passionate about creating unique and impactful designs that leave a lasting impression. Click to find my resume and professional projects that highlight my skills as an artist 

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